IIW Annual Assembly Satisfaction Survey: Year 2018

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How many IIW Annual Assemblies have you attended (including the current one)? =

Main Working Unit (WU) attended

Clarity of main goals/targets of WU
Overall organisation of WU Meetings
Visibility of WU meeting schedule
Technical level of the sessions

How and when did you receive most Working Unit documents?

From the Chair, days before the meeting

I downloaded them from the IIW website days / weeks before the Annual Assembly

I was unable to download the documents

The documents were not available on the website(i.e. agenda, technical documents)

I only received the documents during the meeting

The Chair of your Main Working Unit is

How do you rate this Chair in terms of the following?

Technical acumen
Organizational skills
Ability to manage meetings
Dedication to the WU and the IIW

Suggestions & Comments on the technical sessions during the IIW Annual Assembly

Organisation of the Annual Assembly

Overall Organisation
Congress Centre Facilities (meeting rooms, equipment, level of comfort, etc.)
Registration Desk
Practical Help
Hotel Reservation System
Technical Visits
Annual Assembly Website operation (registration)
IIW website (download of documents)
Official Social Events – overall organization
Schedule of official Social Events

Suggestions & Comments on the organisation of the Assembly

General Feedback about the IIW

Visibility of the IIW
Annual Assemblies and other IIW events
Industrial and technical relevance of the Working Units
The way that work is conducted in the Working Units
Information available on the IIW website
Welding in the World journal
Efficiency, effectiveness and level of service by the IIW Secretariat

Question 1

Did you visit IIW facebook page?

Question 2

How could the IIW improve/develop in future, especially to be more attractive for the younger generation?

Question 3

Would you volunteer to be part of projects’ groups?

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